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3 keys to learning to delegate with Marc Anthony Hurr

Marc Anthony Hurr shares some highlights on the importance of learning to delegate in order to achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, you may be accustomed to having a hand in almost everything related to your business. And if you are a first-time entrepreneur, the need to be involved in everything that happens at your company is overwhelming. But remember Rome was not built in a day and neither was it built by one person. As your business grows, as an entrepreneur, and as the guiding leader of your company, you need to focus on the big picture. Your time is valuable, and there is only as much work one can get accomplished in the day.

That is why one of the most important lessons for entrepreneurs is the art of delegating.

Something that entrepreneur Marc Anthony Hurr has recognized as a fundamental part of entrepreneurship for business growth is learning to delegate. Here are 3 important steps to achieve this.

Define and delimit

The first step to learning to delegate in your venture is to learn to define which activities you can leave on the other hand, these activities will be those in which the procedure is systematized and which can be done without your constant supervision, such as those that take too much time or those that your staff can learn in a short time.

Demonstrate confidence

One of the most important points according to is to demonstrate confidence to your staff, this does not mean that there are no periodic reviews of their work, however, giving them the confidence to make decisions, however simple they may be, will open the channels of communication and they will be able to approach you in times of doubt, achieving a better solution to the problems that may arise.

Colleagues selection

Something that is very true is that you cannot leave your company in the hands of just anyone, so it is important that you make a very good selection of staff, someone with the necessary skills to take charge of what you are delegating or who is willing to learn everything necessary for the responsibilities they will have.

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