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Past Projects

Effective Consulting


Education and Training 2022

Harvard Business School Executive Education: Management Program: Finance, Design, Leadership.

Designed to help real estate executives adapt to the pressing challenges of today, this program offers a holistic and panoramic view of the entire real estate industry supply chain from every angle—from public health, architecture, and urban planning to finance, deal restructuring, and construction. As you explore the latest approaches to issues such as social distancing, building sanitation, occupant sensors and surveys, and financial adjustments, you will improve your ability to successfully navigate both COVID-19-impacted projects, and the related real estate recession.

Education and Training 2019

Harvard Business School Executive Education: Executive Education Course (Leveraging Fintech Innovation to Grow and Compete)

This fintech innovation program enabled me to navigate a shifting competitive landscape and make strategic decisions that will position a firm for growth—whether it's in the credit, insurance, asset management, or real estate market. It enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of the frictions that fintech aims to address; discover ways to overcome adoption barriers and quickly scale businesses; and learn how to manage disruptive threats posed by agile, data-driven competitors.

Deutsche Börse
Frau am Arbeitsplatz


Teapayment Ltd 
TeaPayment is an electronic money institution licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority that aims to help Fintech companies process payments by providing e-wallets to end-users. The cost to provide this service would be significantly reduced for companies and provides greater control and transparency for clients.

Iban Online UAB
Iban Online UAB holds the Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer lending licences, acting as the platform operator which connects vetted investors and borrowers. Our model is based on the crowdlending business model, generating financing through automation.

Safebrok is an Insurance Brokerage firm licensed by the DGSFP with a large network of wealth managers, financial advisers, and insurance brokers with 20+ offices spanning the Iberian Peninsula. The company sells insurance, investment funds, mortgages, and a range of other financial instruments.

Higher Education & Degree

My background in Engineering Mathematics, Mathematical & Data Modelling and Discrete Mathematics has given me the expertise to define the financial models upon which many use day to day. Mathematical modelling enables us to plan how we can generate loans, make payments, project default and risk. Having experience in C, C++, Matlab, Php, Javascript has proven to be a key part of day to day problem solving, whether it is by using Mathematical Modelling methods to resolve issues, or acting as a Chief Technology Officer able to communicate with developers.

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