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Financial obstacles and challenges facing the New Generation CEO

The companies that are beginning to lead the markets are under the command of the New Generation CEO, young people, mainly millennials, who for years have been integrated into different sectors with innovative ideas that do not always end up fitting in with the established world, as it continues its course with approaches that may not be at the forefront.

Having been in the game long enough, Marc Anthony Hurr recognizes that today, in addition to the efforts required to build a successful company, CEOs are faced with problems that often interfere with their planning and development techniques and limit their ability to achieve their goals. Being part of the Next Generation Market CEO is not an easy task, as challenges persist, especially in matters that span the financial world, that not many contemplate.

It is already a reality that more and more young people are starting their own companies, or are taking the reins of them because of their ideas and the way they adapt to technological changes. However, perhaps one of the problems with which they start their Executive Management is the lack of experience they have when immersing themselves in the business world, so there are even occasions in which they advance on a trial basis.

Moreover, in addition to the courage and confidence required to make important decisions, which add situations such as team management, risks and constant evolution, Marc Anthony Hurr adds that the New Generation CEOs face another challenge that is related to the world of finance.

While it is true that it is now easier to work through Fintech companies that make everything much simpler by integrating technology that improves and automates services or processes that are not addressed by traditional banking, it is this industry that remains at the forefront despite the archaic structure that makes up the business and does not provide the same benefits.

On the other hand, it is quite common for work to take center stage in the lives of CEOs who strive for success on a daily basis, but it is also important to find the right balance between work and personal life.

How do I find the right work-life balance?

According to Marc Anthony Hurr, having this balance has positive effects not only on mental health but also on physical and professional health, which even benefits employees and ensures better performance.

Strategies to achieve work-life balance are:

  • Prioritize activities and not only based on your wallet

  • Learn to disconnect from the mobile phone or computer when necessary.

  • Understanding that striving for perfection takes time

  • Beginning exercise and meditation routines to calm the mind.

Finally, the different things that successful CEOs do that also help the company grow are based on fostering leadership that delivers responsibility, listens to new generations, recognizes the work of their team, is honest, and constantly develops new skills for growth.

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